Karlheinz Essl


on common ground

for cello and piano

Dedicated to Emanuele Torquati and Francesco Dillon

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© 2020 by Karlheinz Essl


Throughout the entire piece, a "drone" based on C is held in the middle pedal of the piano. This pitch and its spectral components create a shimmering background that represents the "common ground" which forms the basis of the harmonic structure of the piece. In the very beginning, the pianist silently depresses the 5 octaves of this note (using the nose as well) and holds it with the middle pedal until the end of the performance.

The compositions lives from the interaction between cello and piano – a kind of discourse which encompasses a broad variety of expressions and reactions. Besides the obvious dialogic aspect, both players with their individual instruments are part of an uncommon "hyper-instrument" which they shape and modify together.


Here are some pages from the score of on common ground.

on common ground - score: p.1
on common ground - score: p.3
on common ground - score: p.6

© 2020 by Karlheinz Essl

The full score can be downloaded for free. Please note that the music is protected by copyright.

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Updated: 4 Jul 2020