Karlheinz Essl

the other day

interactive binaural sound environment

Commissioned by the festival Musikprotokoll 2021

Part of tingles & clicks /graz
MUMUTH, 7-10 Oct 2021


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During the coronavirus pandemic, many art projects were relocated from physical spaces to the internet in order to remain present in the public consciousness. tingles & clicks /graz goes in the opposite direction: conceived in 2020 as an online work, the project is being realized in 2021 as an interactive installation at the MUMUTH in Graz. Here, using commissioned works in which outstanding musicians create sound environments, it places lost corporeality at its center.

Lying on wheel boards, visitors move through 3 × 3-meter fields while being detected by a tracking system. In interaction with virtual sound objects, intimate one-person listening experiences take place. The project is a continuation of a multi-year series music for bodies in motion, in which the environment and the position of the listener are the given parameters of hearing.

the other day - Teaser


This piece was written during the COVID_19 lockdown. Trapped in my house for weeks, I felt an urgent need to break out of my den and explore unknown areas of my immediate surroundings. Equipped with binaural microphones that can be plugged directly into the ears, I recorded the sounds of the environment. During these excursions, words spontaneously came to my mind which later I transformed into poems. They appear as mysterious whispering voices in different languages (German, English, French, Italian). Besides this, one will hear sounds that seem to emerge from a completely different - more transcendent - world: electronically transformed organ sounds and church bells. With headphones, this piece can be experienced as spatial audio in 3D sound.

Artist-Video 2021: Karlheinz Essl from musikprotokoll on Vimeo.


the other day, he is driven out into the open again. lured by the sun. for weeks, nothing but misty fog. within the lowlands.

he orientates himself by the shine of the star. trudges off. without turning around. without any plan. he has left his map at home. lets himself drift. by the rhythm of his steps. following his inner voice. it shows him the way. without hesitation. it leads him through hollow alleys. past the debris heaps. right into the thicket.

soon he is hopelessly lost. it is already dawn. his eyesight is fading. he can only feel the path. sense it with his feet. in the dark of the night.

however. the key is missing. to this secret code. only sinking willy-nilly into these messages. without understanding. yet he grasps them. with his ears he penetrates the jungle of sounds. recognizing connections. building bridges. inventing answers. discovering a world. within himself. and outside of him.


Field Recordings, Text, Composition and Computer Programming: Karlheinz Essl
Female ASMR Voice: Andrea Nagl
Male ASMR Voice: Jörg Duit
Italian Translation: Fabrizio Iurlano
French Translation: Jean-Luc Iffrig

User Interaction

Fränk Zimmer (Musikprotokoll producer) explains how to explore
the interactive sound environment tingles & clicks /graz
MUMUTH Graz, 8 Oct 2021
Video: Karlheinz Essl



Simulation software for the other day, written in Max
© 2021 by Karlheinz Essl

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