Karlheinz Essl

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generative sound environment for an exhibition on Aboriginal Art


  Karlheinz Essl: CD ULURU   Karlheinz Essl was using a field recordings of an Aboriginal painting performance and original sounds from the Australian bush as the basis for his sound installation ULURU. Furthermore, he was developeing a computer program which uses a randomised process to fragment this sound material into minuscule atoms of sound. Generative composition algorithms combine these sound particles into a continuous real-time sound flow whose unpredictable evolution undergoes continuous permutations. Although the time structure of the original sound is completely unravelled by this process, its unique aura is preserved. And yet, this aura is no longer rigidly tied to a particular object, but has turned into a free-flowing entity that can become part of the most diverse new combinations: alchemy of sound...

  Cover design by Isabella Zieritz, using an Aboriginal painting of so-called "vanginas".


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Updated: 16 Dec 2016