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Trois Cent Drones

for toy piano and live-electronics

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This composition is an transformation of the original piano piece Trois cent notes where the resonances of the sympathetic strings of the grand piano are simulated by electronic means. By this, the toy piano becomes a new instrument with an artificial sustain pedal.

In order to perform the piece, please contact the author for sending you the required software for the live-electronics which have to be performed by a second musician.

Although notated solely in quavers, the tempo encompasses a wide range from very slow to extremely fast. Starting with a speed of MM = 50, it gradually accelerates to MM = 400 which equals three “time octaves”, speaking with Karlheinz Stockhausen (cf. his famous article ...how time passes... from 1957). A similar transition also happens in the harmonic domain where the range of three octaves (from F to f”) finally collapses into a single pitch (f'):

Harmonic structure of Trois cent notes

Harmonic structure of Trois Cent Drones
© 2019-2021 by Karlheinz Essl


Trois Cent Drones premiered by Isabel Ettenauer (Michelsonne toy piano) and Karlheinz Essl (live-electronics)
Kulturbrücke Fratres, 24 Jul 2021


Here you can download the score for free. Please note that this composition is protected by copyright.

Trois Cent Drones, p.1

Trois Cent Drones (2019-201) for piano solo and live-electronics, page 1
© 2021 by Karlheinz Essl

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