Karlheinz Essl / dynamo

Interference between live electronic sounds and spatial sound projection
Part of the work-in-progress fLOW (1998/99)

Festival "fluctuated rooms" (curated and organized by dynamo)

bar modern

A-1160 Wien, Gürtelbogen 37 & 38

13 Dec 1999, 23:00 MET

On Monday, 13 Dec 1999 (23:00 MET) this concert will be live broadcasted on the Internet via RealAudio - there is also a remote-controllable WebCam which allows you to view the performance. Just click on the given links to get connected...

fLOW is a site-specific work-in-progress that was started under ever-changing titles in October 1998. The entire project is carried out in numerous steps and takes place in various location with changing musicians from different fields like New Music, experimental jazz, free improvisation and New Electronic Music.

fLASH is the 19th realisation within this project and is carried out in collaboration with the artists group dynamo who built a sound diffusion system consisting of 16 loudspeakers which are controlled by a specially designed analog audio hardware. Their system allows to distribute sounds using algorithms or gestural controls in a way that turns the loudspeaker setup (in conjunction with the space) into a challenging 3-dimensional instrument.

fLASH consists of 9 sections which explore different types of sound structures. The sound material is played live by Karlheinz Essl on his computer-based electronic instrument m@ze°2 and processed live by the members of dynamo.

photo of live-performance

Karlheinz Essl playing his electronic instrument m@ze°2


  Karlheinz Essl computer & live-electronics
  dynamo (M. Wagner, J. Bock, M. Moser) sound projection

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